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Nichibei inc. was founded by Eiji Yokoyama's initial aim was to export Japanese foods and optical instruments for the manufacturing industry and the general public In 1951, however, Nichibei Company introduced the first die release agent for die casting into Japan, importing "DIE SLICK" from the U.S.A and the Japanese die casting industry now for nearly half a century. During that time, our efforts concentrated on building up an enduring relationship with our Japanese customer.
We then began to develop, produce and sell our own die casting lubricant products and equipment for our customers to enable them to get the best use from our products.
In 1987, I became president of Nichibei company Ltd. And embarked on a programme to build new factories with the aim of increasing production capacity to satisfy the growing Japanese market.
At the same time, we established a reseach and development section to quickly satisfy our customer's technical needs and also to develop products which are sensitive to the environmental and human requirements of the futures.
We are facing new challenges which stem from the increasing globalisation of production and industrial competition.
We will seek out new possibilities for business development. In co-operation with personnel from each of our markets, we will work together to achieve the maximum potential to provide the world with quality pwoducts.
Additionally, we will give priority to our technical developments and quality improvements in anticipation of the future needs of our customers both at home and overseas. We earnestly seek your continued support and co-operation as in the past.


Make it happen. Lubricants for specific use in the die casting industry were introduced into an industry which had already been existance for nealy 100 years. During this time, the first lubricants, which were the solid types applied by bruch, were later developed and improved to oil-based types applied by spray gun.
In the 1960's the first water soluble die release agent was introduced to Japan. As a result of that, the working process of die casting automated very quickly and the Japanese die casting industry made rapid progress.
Because of the progress in die casting technology, the requests for our products have also changed. Initially, development was limited to special functions such as improving the performance of a lightweight casting or reducing the amount of die lube required, etc. But today, the die caster's demands of our products are very complex with the need to combine all these special requirements into one product.
Our aim is to develop and supply products which are totally effective in "Reducing the operating cost" "Improving the quality of the product" "Improving the working environment".
The role of the die release agent and plunger lubricant in the die casting process is one of the most important factors directly affecting the quality of the product.
Selection of the best lubricant is a decision based on several interacting conditions which include the method of application, dilution ratio, the permissible quantity to be applied, the dilution media, the subsequent finishing of the castin which determines chemical composition of the lubricant life of the die and so on.
There are now more than 10 die casting lubricant suppliers in Japan. We believe that we are the market leader, because our products satisfy the criteria demanded by the process and by our customers.
We are proud of our success in providing complete lubrication products and spray systems conforming to the highest quality and based on the superior knowledge and experience gained over an half century.


Company name Nichibei Co., Ltd.
Sales Product
  • Lubricant for Die Casting
  • Equipment for Die Casting Machine
IndexEstablishment March 15, 1932
IndexCapital 12,000,000円
IndexPresident Eisuke Yokoyama
IndexBank Resona Bank, Mitsui Sumitomo Bank

Head Office

1596-1 Tsurugasone Yashio Saitama

TEL:048-999-8601048-999-8601 FAX:048-999-8602

Chubu Branch

2-10-15 Itakura-cho Aichi

TEL:0566-24-20240566-24-2024 FAX:0566-24-2561


Founded Nichibei incorporation
Suspended Business due to Second World War
Resumed trading business with USA
Changed company neme as Nichibei Company Limited
Commenced importing Die release lubricant from USA
Began producing Hand Spray Gun
Began producing Nichibei brand product "CASTER ACE" and "PLUNGER ACE"
Newly developed and began to produce Automatic Lubricator for Plunger Lubricant
Developed Automatic Mixing & Delivering System for die release lubricant
Established Chube(Nagoya) Branch
Kiyoshi Yokoyama became the president of Nichibei
Developed Mold Plugged-in Spray Device
40th Anniversary. Established Tokyo Plant
45th Anniversary
50th Anniversary
60th Anniversary
Eisuke Yokoyama became the president of Nichibei
We moved our headquarters to Yashio City, Saitama Prefecture


Our products is used by foreign die caster. Therefore, we have some agents outside Japan.